PORSCHE 911 service

About Us

Kövesdán Ltd was established in 1976 by András Kövesdán a BMW Motorsport International racer. The technical knowledge gained from racing and tuning inspired the company to evolve.


The company operated as a BMW Dealership and repair Service for 15 years, than 13 years as an Opel Dealership and Service. Since May of 2008 the company became an Independent Car Dealer and Repair Service, which served as a key to survive the financial crisis. Porsche Service quickly became our focus after András Kövesdán became twice the FIA CEZ Historic Rally champion with his Porsche 911 SC and with his team they won the FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Team European Champion title (www.clubgalaxy.hu). The Porsche 911 Service was established to offer a professional service for both classic and modern Porsches. The classic Porsches require patient and expertise, which are rare to find nowadays. We provide an all round service including the spare parts and technical advisory. We can purchase and restore the Porsche you have always dreamed of. The 911 is a legend that needs to be kept alive.

I hope we can soon consider you as part of this legend.